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Aix-Périmentation and Bidouille Laboratory

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The LAB (Laboratoire d'Aix-périmentation et de Bidouille) is a French association, dedicated to digital manufacturing, innovation and the sharing of know-how, created in June 2013. Its objective is to promote the emergence of a collaborative and community space at the service of technology, science and creativity in Aix-en-Provence.

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Since its creation, the Fablab has the will to disseminate the DIY culture and resourcefulness on the regional territory.


Collaboration, Experimentation, Manufacturing, Development and Programming, Training and Exchanges are defining the L.A.B project and commitments, based on a high human and technological involvement, and respecting the fablab charter as defined by the M.I.T.

In practice, the LAB offers a set of equipment to explore, experiment and prototype in order to push creativity beyond its usual limits: 7 3D printers - 1 Laser cutter - 4 Digital milling machines - 2 3D scanners - Prototyping and electronic measurement equipment.


Since 2016, the L.A.B works with ST Microelectronics, the "Académie d’Aix-Marseille" and the "Université d’Aix-Marseille" on the development of pedagogical tools regarding the STM32 microcontroller. In this framework, the L.A.B has mainly developed the makecode4STM32 solution ( Permanent links with the development teams of Microsoft enable a global and quick integration of its proposed contents. Thanks to its link with the the "Makers" managers from Atmel/Microchip, the LAB is also in touch with the Adafruit's teams. This work has grown and materialized thanks to new initiatives at the genesis of MAGNETICS, in particular:

  • The Let's STEAM project (Erasmus + already funded and started in September 2019) aiming at developing the training of teachers in the field of STEAM in the use of electronic cards in the service of a pedagogical approach by project and the development of additional features specifically dedicated to an interdisciplinary vision of STEAM on programming learning platforms: MakeCode, CircuitPython and Scratch.

  • The STM32Education action (within the I-NOVMICRO project, funded under the Future Investments Program - Educational innovation territories - Campus of Trades and Qualifications of Excellence Industry of the Future South) aiming to develop a programmable card equipped with a microcontroller, environmental sensors, radio frequency communication modules and associated with the development of software modules essential for the use of this card in good agreement with the national education programs.

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