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STM32 for education 


As a result of a collaboration between the Aix-Marseille academy and the company STMicroelectronics (Rousset), the STM32Education card makes it possible to give meaning to coding and algorithm by offering a complete card thanks to which students will be able to design connected objects and program them simply. This card is intended for many disciplines by the wealth of its onboard sensors. The STM32Educ card is of French design, the development of which is supported by funding for education, and offers, in addition to the use of Micro: Bit, additional features and a set of sensors to integrate more rich in scientific and interdisciplinary projects that will be targeted by the project.

added-value of magnetics

Today the main advantage of the STM32Educ card is to allow teachers who need it to go further than what is possible with Micro: bit. Without interoperability, the barrier to be crossed to benefit from these extended functionalities is too important both in terms of teaching and training time for the majority of teachers to agree to use it. MAGNETICS will facilitate this passage and thus use the platform but also the card most suited to each project.

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