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Micro:bit is an easy-to-use miniature programmable card (4cm x 5cm). It allows to discover the programming of real objects without knowing anything about electronics or computer concepts. This card was designed by the BBC to help younger children learn to code. It has many programmable inputs/outputs and a Bluetooth connection. It is comparable to Arduino boards, which distinguishes itself by improved ease of use. Today Micro: bit is one of the most popular cards used by the educational world.

added-value of magnetics

The Micro:bit board is currently used with Scratch, Makecode and CircuitPython. Its extensive integration into these tools makes it a card of choice for all teachers. Thanks to the prototype developed by MAGNETICS, it will be possible to easily carry out projects using several platforms for the best of their functionality. This interoperability will be particularly positive in order to facilitate collaboration between teachers in interdisciplinary projects. Despite its wide acceptance in the educational world, one of the main limitations of the Micro:bit board is its limited memory which hinders its capacities when Bluetooth is used. With the hardware compatibility allowed by MAGNETICS, it will be possible to use other hardware transparently as soon as we need to overcome the memory limitations of the Micro: bit card.

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