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The French Education Ministry supports the production of innovative and adapted digital solutions thanks to the Édu-Up initiative. These solutions help to maintain the pedagogical continuity while respecting everyone's pedagogical freedom. They take into account the needs of all students and meet the requirements of an inclusive school.


They are made available to the teachers and their students most often with direct and free access or after free and voluntary registration, to all or part of the resource.

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The development of a publically supported digital educational ecosystem for pedagogical uses implies the production, dissemination and distribution of new digital resources for schools, adapted to reasoned practices, to the new organization of the school spaces and times and the current diversity of equipment and infrastructure. Digital resources for schools are defined as the content and associated services or digital tools designed for teaching and learning activities, directly related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills by the students according to the national education reference texts.

In line with the reforms initiated, and to promote digital practices that are part of the professional culture of teachers, the French Educational Ministry supports the production and distribution of digital resources for the School offering a real plus - business value.


Thus, a support system for the production and distribution of digital content for the School was instituted in 1998 to create quality digital resources made available to the educational community, corresponding to its expectations and the orientations of the educational national framework.


The main objective of the edu-up initiative is therefore to promote an offer of quality digital resources that are easy to identify and to promote the dissemination of reasoned digital practices in the professional culture of teachers.

concretely ...

The Édu-Up initiative addresses projects for the creation of innovative associated content and services, from kindergarten to the first higher technical degrees, whatever the disciplines or teaching areas, and which are in accordance with the national educational standards, in particular, projects aimed at promoting:

  • Content and associated services using assisted (artificial) intelligence

  • Content and associated services promoting the simulation, immersion and virtualization of learning objects

  • Content and associated services favouring collaborative work between students and / or teachers

  • Content and associated services aimed at supporting ministerial priorities, in particular promoting inclusive schools

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